Wednesday, June 24, 2015

{Personal Post} I Want To Be A Rockstar In My Business!

We all want to be a ROCK STAR in our business, am I right! How do we ROCK IT OUT when all we want to do is hide under a rock some days.  My journey to this point has had ups and downs, obstacles to overcome and strength within to see me through. Ya know it's hard being BOSS ~ boss of one (myself) can be daunting at times. I like the idea of being a rock star even though I don't feel like it most days. The idea of it is fun and keeps me from falling into the perpetual loop in my head that lacks the confidants to pull off "being boss". I love finding inspiration in my day to day it keeps me grounded and moving forward. I recently took my youngest son to a kids museum where they had an exhibit on GUITAR~The Instrument That Rocked The World. Stepping out and away from my hustle of being boss lady helps me get a different perspective on things and clears my head. This day ~ a neon pink and green guitar reminding me to stay strong and move forward. BE A ROCKSTAR! So, if you could be a rock star who would it be? Gwen Stefani comes to my mind. I think she rocks. Now excuse me while I rock-out to some iTunes and dance around the room!

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