Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Battleship, Star Wars, Karate ~ Oh my

Battleship, Star Wars, Karate ~ Oh my...What do you do when your child wants it all! What is a mommy to do... Give it all to him, that's what one mom did for here son's 5th Birthday! First, a party at the local martial arts studio, followed by a home baked and decorated BATTLESHIP cake, Star Wars goodies and sprinkled with some custom designed karate party decor.  Here are some party highlights, ENJOY! 

Karate Kick It Up Blue Tiger Print Birthday Printable Collection 

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Game On ~ Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party

I am so happy to be sharing this long over due post with you today. My son wanted a gamer party at our house for his 8th Birthday Party.  I did my best to make his wish come true. We transformed our living room into a Super Mario Bros. world, a place where he and his friends could play the Wii and GameCube games they love.
I wanted the kids to feel like they were in a video game.  I used rolls and rolls of Dollar Store wrapping paper transforming our living room into the vision I thought my son would love.  The  wall behind the entertainment area were covered in light blue wrapping paper for the sky and white cardboard for the clouds.
The bricks are cake boxes from Party City on sale for a dollar each.  I wrapped the boxes in red wrapping paper and hand drew the lines to resemble bricks.  The Bullet Bills, BoBooms and Ghost characters from the Super Mario games are recreated using these balloons.

The sweets table was fun to put together.  I filled the table with all t he birthday boy's favorite sweets. I designed a complementary "Game On" party printable collection to go along with the Super Mario theme.  You can find it HERE. The kids enjoyed all the sweets they could get there hands on.

I ordered these incredible cookies from Amy of Nut Free Sweets.  I love how  the Mario, Star, and the Mushrooms came out as well as the awesome game control cookies. The boys gave these delicious cookies a thumbs up!
The entertainment area was decked out with two flat screen TVs for the Wii and GameCube games.  I covered a double credenza with green table cloth and placed the bricks around the TVs.  The sofa was pushed up and parallel to the screens so the boys could be comfortable while playing their games.
The boys also played Pin The Mustache On Mario. Thanks to Pip Pip Hooray  for the free printables and idea. The boys had fun with this game!
After playing their games we had a pizza party!
 All in all, I think my son was happy with his birthday party wish come true.

It was great to hear my son say, “Mommy, this is the BEST BIRTHDAY party EVER, thanks”!

Thanks to all the venders that made this party possible.

Thanks to:
Styling and Printables: HR Creative Design Studio
Photography: Laughing Arms Photography
Custom Cookies: Nut Free Sweets
Pin in The Mustache On Mario game:  Pip Pip Hooray
Party Supplies: Party City and Dollar Tree