Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy Monday ~ I know you may be saying, “What’s so happy about Monday?”. Well for me - it’s the start of a new week and the possibility to get stuff done and create something new. Taking time off from the stress of being boss, a solopreneur (or whatever title fits for you) is so important in keeping yourself on track. I try and take the weekends off or at least have a light work load so I can spend time with my husband and boys while they are free from the school day and work week. It’s summer now and it’s a whole new schedule to deal with, summers are a little tricky with juggling work/life into the mix (a blog post for another time, maybe).  Staying on task for some people (myself included) might be a struggle if you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all. I actually start my Monday on Sunday night because it helps me get in the mindset and organize myself for the beginning of the work week. I am flexible so if Sunday turns out to be busier than expected I just go with the flow and wake up earlier on Monday to start off with a more focused mindset. While we are on the bandwagon of making Mondays happy, I have a list of apps to share with you that might help keep you grounded and focused for the workweek ahead.

 Here are a few to check out and see if they are a good fit for you. I hope your Mondays will be ever happy! Have a great week.

Meditation Apps for iPhone:
Calm: You can schedule reminders to take breaks
DeepCalm: Helps relax & sleep

Team/work flow Apps:
Asana ~ iPhone: is a project management app
Slack ~  iPhone/computer: is a messaging app

Evernote ~ organizational app sync with iPhone and Mac computer
Hootsuite ~ scheduling social media posts - sync with iPhone and Mac computer
Dropbox ~ File save and share

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