Friday, June 17, 2011

Lovely Finds Friday ~ Recipe from Grandma {Free Printable Recipe Card}

I don’t claim to be a cook or a baker, but when my mother-in-law comes to town it's fun to try cooking.
It's always fun to have family visit and even more exciting when they bring old family recipes. The recipes are not hard, in fact, they are down right easy.  I would love to share these recipes with you.
In honor of Father's Day, I made FREE printable recipe cards. I made this last night for my husband in celebration of Father's Day. Please enjoy and you can download the recipe HERE, HERE AND HERE.

Have a great weekend! Please enjoy the printable recipe card. DOWNLOAD HERE!


Judy said...

What a great presentation!

Chasing Joy said...

It's nice that your MIL shares the family recipes wth you. Stopping by after #commenthour.

Janelle said...

I love chocolate so that dessert sounds wonderful! Here from commenthour