Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snapshots From A Mom: Series One

Now that I have some blog posts under my belt; I am going to post a series each week called “Snapshots From A Mom”.  I love photography and capturing a moment in time is thrilling to me.  Gone are the days of “f stops” and “dark room” developing of my prints.  I take snapshots of fleeting moments in my life mostly of my children because they are all consuming and have been since the day I gave birth to my first-born.  I have said in the past, they are my inspiration in all that I do and this holds true for my photography.  The subject matter will be mostly my children as seen in this post.  I will introduce my old photograph portfolio once it is retrieved from storage. My equipment for this project is an old Cannon Power Shot S2 IS and my smart phone. This is really a study of finding sparks of creativity I did not know were there when I was taking the pictures.  Looking back at the snapshots of my boys, I see a trend emerge.  I frame my images before I shoot them. I love tight-cropped photos.  I seem to catch expressions or an interesting juxtaposition of the subject to their surroundings. Come back Monday for the continuation of my series. 

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Judy said...

That photo brings back so many memories.

Lisa said...

Yes it does! Thanks for commenting.