Sunday, March 20, 2011

I heart cupcakes from GWIC

I love cupcakes… it’s my sweet tooth talking.  I can’t resist a great tasting cupcake, so when I heard that Got What It Cakes was going to offer a cupcake sampler of their confectionery creations, I was all over that idea.  I was on a mission…a secret mission to pick up those coveted cupcakes, time and place to be determined later.  Finally, the instructions were given for the pick-up and just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.  I drove to the address that was posted and showed up at the door where I was greeted by the warm smiling face of none other than Mandie! She handed me a lovely box of confectionery goodness. It was a pleasure meeting such a creative and talented woman. She makes the most adorable and delicious cakes and cupcakes.  My favorite has got to be the chocolate coffee cupcake as seen below. Yummy!!! Don't forget to check her out on facebook to see when her next cupcake sampler will be going out.  Happy tasting!!

                                                                   Mission complete!


Judy said...

I wish I was there to sample the great looking cupcakes.

Liz said...

There is a place here called Misha's. Their cupcakes are awesome . I gained 20 pounds from eating them when I quit smoking. I hate to drive by the place because they are so tempting. Like your link Lisa. Love to all. Liz

Lisa said...

Thanks for the comments!