Friday, July 22, 2011

Lovely Finds Friday ~ Featuring The Lovely JadeRose Boutique

Good morning friends,

It's Lovely Finds Friday!

Please welcome Betti of She makes the most unique and beautiful crocheted flower earrings and jewelry I have ever seen. Betti said she has been making these lovely crocheted flower earrings since she was in high school. I guess they call it vintage nowadays. Ever since Betti can remember, she has been sewing, crocheting, and creating things for herself, her sisters, and even her dolls. She studied art and design for many years. Now that she is retired, she is free to make what she wants when she wants. She sews, makes jewelry, crochets and designs patterns. Often what she makes depends on what she has on hand such as beads, fabric, or material someone gives her or what she finds on sale. She said her best ideas come when she make accessories, cards, and jewelry for people she loves. Many of her crochet patterns are gifts that she made for her daughter and family. 

BALL EARRINGS ~ crocheted in ivory with gold bling

 PINK Crocheted Bracelet with Chain
 Please visit her shop at, where she sell her lovely fabric, fiber and paper creations. You might also want to check out, where she sell her crochet patterns

Betti is passionate about what she creates and equally about giving back. She donates a portion of her profits to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Betti has a rare form of muscular dystrophy, so she makes sure that she does not overdo it when she is creating. She paces herself and only makes what she feels tickles her fancy.  She sews or make jewelry until she need to rest, then she crochets and designs patterns.

Follow her blog at, where she post a daily inspirational quote as well as tips for living with a disability, free crochet patterns, and free instructions for various projects related to health issues.

Follow her on Facebook: and 

Also, she features a new favorite handcrafted item regularly on 

Have a great weekend!


Judy said...

Betti sounds like an amazing woman. She has figured out how to express her creativity, along with making herself happy and not wallowing in self pity about her disability. Lisa, thanks for sharing her jewelry and story with us.

Renee said...

Great post Lisa. And Betti, you are an amazing, creative woman! Wish you all the best!

Nikola said...

Love the earrings...they're so unique! I had a chance to check out Betti's blog and her daily motivational quotes are so inspiring. Great post! Thanks for sharing Lisa :)