Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dressing Up Your Table For The Holidays

Well, we are in the thick of the holiday season and I know that everyone is busy with all the merry and spirit of the season! It's the perfect time to start decorating those dinning room tables.
As I began to write this post, my youngest son is building another fort in our living room and he has enlisted me for help in building it, so I hope that I am able to share my thoughts with you before becoming his assistant builder. Back to my post...
I wanted to share some quick, simple and inexpensive tips for dressing up your dining room table for the holidays. I think when decorating for the holiday it should reflect your families sensibilities. My motto is: fun, simple, and cost effective is the way to go when dressing up your table!  Since I have young children, a no fuss decor is best for our home. A relaxed modern whimsical table scape is our style for this year.  
I am so proud of my boys and their art and craft projects they bring home. I will proudly display them every chance I get. I knew that their craft projects would have to be worked into the table design this year. A great rule of thumb to follow when setting a holiday table is to find items around your home you can use first before buying something new. For example, why not re-purpose a scrap piece of linen and some ribbon. Or in my case my son's craft work!
To dress up my dining room table for our Thanksgiving feast I looked around my home for things I could reuse. I found and old red and orange table cloth, tweed fabric and red ribbon.  Since the tweed fabric had frayed edges I did not want to show I used the red ribbon to cover them up and give a nice modern look to the newly designed table cloth. 
I  wanted to give the table some whimsy so I decorated the base of a cake stand and the napkins with tissue pom poms in shades of orange and used the boys Thanksgiving crafts around the table.  

I think we all want to impress our guest with a perfectly designed table, however, don't forget to have fun and put your own special touch on your table. Above all don't stress out about what other people think. Just remember, there is always next year.  


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