Sunday, October 30, 2011

Simple Halloween craft project - BOO! Let's have some preschool fun...

I love when my boys bring home art projects from school. Our walls are covered with various projects they have done. My youngest came home from school last week with the cutest preschool project I just had to share. It's so simple yet it looks great. Check out what he made!

His little art work inspired me to go a step further and incorporate it into a project of my own for my family to enjoy. I thought this would make a great Halloween card. So, I scanned part of his art in Photoshop and added a funky text and simple boarder to it. Then I saved it as an image file. Now all I have to do is print and mail or just email to friends and family. 
Here is how to make the original art project:
All you need is black construction paper, white non-toxic paint, glitter and Q-tips. Dip your child's hand in the paint and let him/her make some hand prints on the page. When they are done making their hand print take the Q-tip and dab out the paint for eyes and mouth where there palm print should be. Sprinkle glitter on them and...
ta-dah you have one spooky decoration to hang up and enjoy! 


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