Monday, April 18, 2011

Snapshots From A Mom: Series Five

Today has just gotten away from me…what can I say.  I am still trying to get the hang of blogging.  I must admit, never in a million years, would I have pictured myself sitting at my computer typing my thoughts out and posting it on the web…crazy.  It has been an amazing couple of months for me. I started this blog, launched my design shop and began networking with various social media groups.  

 It has been a great experience so far and I am looking forward to the next phase. My eyes have been opened, since I started this venture, to a wonderful community I have found on the World Wide Web! I am blown away at all the talented mommy bloggers I have met and follow.  I am so grateful for the support of (you) my followers and for the blogs I follow. It’s a network of amazing inspiration for me. Thank you!

Have a great week.


rumbacaracas said...

Love your colors...and themes...and your style...congratulations...I hope you deserve it!

urban muser said...

welcome to the blog world. i was the same way when i started--i couldn't believe i was becoming a blogger. but it happened, and it's fun!

Lisa said...

Thanks Urban Muser and Rumbacaracas for your comments!

Judy said...

I look forward to your post and the memorable photo. Time passes so quickly.